Bwcabus provide both fixed route services and demand responsive journeys within the North Carmarthenshire, South Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire areas.


Who they are

Bwcabus is an award-winning, fully accessible local bus service, jointly provided by Carmarthenshire County Council, PTI Cymru and the University of South Wales. The service operates within specific zones on both a fixed route and pre-booked demand responsive basis. This allows customers to travel flexibly between local towns, villages and main line services, where other conventional bus services may not be available.


What we do

PTI Cymru have worked in partnership with Bwcabus since it was established in 2009, operating both a dedicated customer service facility and booking service from our North Wales based office.

Our bilingual contact centre agents answer general queries regarding how the Bwcabus service works, where customers can travel to and from and how they can book a journey, over the phone. All agents have an extensive knowledge of the Bwcabus scheme and are on hand to answer customer queries from 7am-7pm daily.

Alongside general enquiries, PTI Cymru also operates Bwcabus’ registration and booking systems. Registrations are received via email or over the phone, with agents logging customer details into the Bwcabus management system. For customers wanting to book a journey, PTI Cymru agents enter the customers’ desired journey request made over the phone into the Bwcabus management system. Agents will also make any call backs to customers if amendments have been made to their journey. All customer calls are answered within 30 seconds.

As part of PTI Cymru’s customer service facility for Bwcabus, customer feedback is collated and channelled by agents. This is then passed back onto the service’s management team to highlight and address any issues that arise. This also takes the form of monthly reports on PTI Cymru’s service performance, including call performance statistics, monthly call distribution, cancellations and call back time response.