TrawsCymru are a Welsh Government funded service, providing vital longer-distance bus services for communities across Wales.


Who they are

TrawsCymru operate 14 longer distance bus services across Wales. These services play an integral role in Wales’ integrated public transport network and offer an accessible, affordable and environmentally friendly way for visitors and local residents to travel.


What we do

PTI Cymru have provided a bespoke bilingual customer service response system for TrawsCymru since 2016 and have worked closely alongside the organisation since 2009. Our contact centre agents in North Wales handle general enquiries related to TrawsCymru services via a dedicated bilingual DDI. These include general journey queries, updates on delays and cancellations, advice on where to retrieve lost property and details on the availability and accessibility of TrawsCymru services.

PTI Cymru’s agents also monitor social media activity on TrawsCymru’s Facebook and Twitter pages, keeping customers up to date with service changes and alterations. They respond to customer queries via these platforms and relay this to TrawsCymru management and service operators.

Alongside the monitoring of feedback on social media, PTI Cymru’s contact centre agents operate a dedicated TrawsCymru feedback email address. All feedback is responded to professionally and promptly within an agreed timeframe. Any feedback requiring further investigation is passed onto the relevant authority.

PTI Cymru’s Cardiff based marketing team work with TrawsCymru to produce, schedule and publish the organisation’s social media content, helping to engage audiences and promote the TrawsCymru brand. They also oversee the updating of TrawsCymru’s website content.

The PTI Cymru team produce monthly reports detailing phone enquiry and social media activity for TrawsCymru management to identify areas for improvement in all aspects of the service.


“We have been working closely with PTI Cymru for the last 10 years building up a single integrated customer care programme for TrawsCymru. I have been very pleased with the level of support offered by the team at PTI Cymru who take time to fully understand our requirements and deliver a first class service to customers on our behalf”

David Hall, TrawsCymru Network Manager