Mytravelpass is a Welsh Government funded initiative, offering all 16-21 year olds in Wales a 1/3 discount on bus travel.


Who they are

Mytravelpass was launched by Welsh Government as a pilot discount bus travel scheme in 2015, offering all 16, 17 and 18 year olds 1/3 off their bus travel for any journey in Wales. In 2019, the discount offer was extended to those ages 19-21.

The scheme aims to encourage more young people to travel by bus, support them in their education and work, as well as tackling congestion and improving air quality in towns and cities across Wales.


What we do

PTI Cymru have been involved in the initiative since its inception. Our contact centre agents handle the processing of all mytravelpass applications submitted online or by post from their North Wales office. This includes uploading applicant details onto the mytravelpass system, printing passes and sending them to applicants through the post.

PTI Cymru also provide a bespoke bilingual customer service response system for mytravelpass, answering customer queries made to the dedicated mytravelpass DDI line. The contact centre team have an extensive knowledge of the mytravelpass brand and are on hand from 7am-8pm daily to answer any queries related to applying for and using mytravelpass. The team respond to any correspondence sent to the mytravelpass feedback email including both business and customer enquiries, as well as monitoring questions sent via the mytravelpass Facebook and Twitter pages.

Our Cardiff-based marketing team provided the scheme with a year of marketing support following its pilot phase. During the 12 months, mytravelpass applications doubled those seen in the 18 month pilot period. Since the scheme has taken off and expanded to include those aged 19-21, we now provide flexible support to Welsh Government with the creation, scheduling and publishing of mytravelpass social media content, engagement at events and updating of their website content. This digital presence helps to promote the mytravelpass brand, engage with the target demographic and encourage potential applicants to apply. The marketing team also attend promotional events on behalf of mytravelpass at schools, colleges, universities and places of work across Wales.

PTI Cymru deliver regular reports to Welsh Government regarding mytravelpass application numbers, call figures against Key Performance Indicators (agreed between ourselves and the client) and website and social media statistics.