Bike sharing provider Nextbike UK are part of Nextbike GmbH, the most extensive bike sharing service in the world.


Who they are

Nextbike have been developing long-lasting, high quality and reliable bike share systems for over 14 years. The scheme launched in the UK in 2014 and most recently introduced their services to Cardiff in 2018. The initiative aims to establish bike sharing as a form of local public transport on equal footing with buses and rail.


What we do

PTI Cymru operate a dedicated Welsh language customer service line for Nextbike UK, helping customers to register, rent bikes and to offer support with any enquiries made in relation to the use of the service. Our agents are available between the hours of 7am to 8pm daily to answer these calls from their North Wales office.

All agents receive comprehensive training from Nextbike UK on the use of their systems and services to ensure an excellent standard of customer service is maintained on behalf of the client. Applications and registrations are processed by PTI Cymru agents via the Nextbike UK online booking system within a maximum of three working days. All enquiries made over the phone are accurately and professionally responded to in accordance with the 30 second call answering time target.

PTI Cymru provide Nextbike UK with monthly reports detailing Key Performance Indicators, which include the number of calls handled, average length of calls, average queue times of calls and total number of enquiries received.


“PTI Cymru has been the first point of contact between nextbike UK and nextbike Welsh-speaking customers, providing cutting-edge customer service support since our bike share scheme launched in Cardiff and Swansea in 2018. The level of support and professionalism has been outstanding, matching the high standards of our in-house team in Germany.”