PTI Cymru’s award-winning marketing team provide effective and integrated marketing support for our clients, planning and creating activity that generates measurable results.


Our marketing team help clients to enhance engagement with their on and offline customer base and to build a stronger digital presence. We work collaboratively with our clients to push their existing marketing strategies in a way that best meets their requirements, offering professional advice and practical support.

PTI Cymru offer different levels of marketing support to clients depending on their needs and overall strategic aims. As such, we welcome requests for both ad-hoc marketing support and longer term partnerships, where we can offer both our marketing management and advisory services.


Our marketing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Social media management  We support the Welsh Government TrawsCymru and Mytravelpass initiatives with the creation, scheduling and publishing of their social media content across Facebook and Twitter. We offer advice on the style and type of content that can be used to effectively engage with their audiences and promote their respective brands. This is done in accordance with each initiative’s existing marketing plans.
  • Event attendance  PTI Cymru source event staff to attend promotional events on behalf of our clients; this is a service we currently coordinate for mytravelpass. All of our professional event staff, many of whom we have built strong relationships with over the years, are fully briefed on what each client does, how they operate and the marketing push for a particular event.
  • Website content management We support some of our clients with updating their website content. The marketing team coordinate the delivery of this information, sourcing the necessary copy and translations from our clients and uploading it onto their systems. We also undertake reviews of these client’s websites to identify any areas that could be improved to enhance user experience.

As PTI Cymru deliver the Traveline Cymru brand, our team are also in full control of their marketing services. This includes the creation and publishing of website and social media content, delivery of on and offline campaigns, answering customer queries and the attendance of promotional events. Whilst the service we deliver for Traveline Cymru is unique, our marketing team welcome queries from prospective clients with regards to these services.


We can specially tailor our services to suit your criteria in the form of a bespoke service package. Visit our services page to find out more and contact us here to discover what we can do to support your organisation.